Fuel Injection Service



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Inconsistent flow rate or poor spray patterns can wreak havoc in your engine.


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Injectors after cleaning service spray evenly for top performance without spending huge bucks on new injectors.

Fuel Injector Cleaning and Parts

You may need your injectors serviced if your vehicle is difficult to start, hesitates, has excessive exhaust emissions, lacks power, idles poorly, has 02 sensor failure or poor gas mileage. Most injectors fail because they are dirty, not because they are defective.

Full cleaning service includes:

• Visual inspection
• External cleaning
• Resistance test
• Spray pattern test
• Leak test up to 80 lbs.
• Volume comparison test

• Ultrasonic cleaning
• Re-test spray pattern
• Re-test for leaks
• Re-test volume for improvement
• Install new components
• Service Report

Service Pricing: Price includes all parts as needed.

Multi-port Injectors (MPI)* $24.95 each
Throttle Body Injectors (TBI)* $34.95 each
*some prices may vary