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RS100 Ball Joint Rivet Tool

Ball Joint Rivet Removal and Ball Joint Rivet Installation Made Easy!

This RS100 Ball Joint Rivet Tool is helpful in the removal and installation of ball joints assemblies. It is the essential tool to use for ball joint replacement projects.

It can be mounted in a vise, making the ball joint rivets removal and installation easy, by making the rivets accessible for drilling, grinding, cutting, or milling of the OEM rivets. This tool will also holds the new rivets tight,(if using rivets instead of bolts), for that factory-looking ball joint installation. Other tools are required for bucking or crushing the rivet's heads for that proper-looking dome head.

The RS100 Ball Joint Rivet Tool is precision machined to fit the ball joint and clear the A-arm.

Ball Joint Rivet Tool

RS100 Ball Joint Rivet Tool

Using the ball joint nut, the A-arm can be tightened firmly in the tool. The RS100 Ball Joint Rivet Tool is great for restoration shops wanting to install the proper rivets, and having the proper look to the A-arms and ball joints. Fits Moog K-5108 ball joints or equivalent.

Ball Joint Rivet Tool

RS100 Tool with Ball Joint Installed.

The RS100 Ball Joint Rivet Tool
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RS100 Ball Joint Rivet Tool Table

This table indicate which vehicle makes and models that fit the RS100 tool.

Buick Apollo 1974 - 1973 Front Upper
Buick Gran Sport 1967-1965 Front Upper
Buick GS 1972-1970 Front Upper
Buick GS 350 1969-1968 Front Upper
Buick GS 400 1969-1968 Front Upper
Buick GS 455 1972-1970 Front Upper
Buick Skylark 1972-1964 Front Upper
Buick Special 1969-1964 Front Upper
Buick Sportwagon 1972-1964 Front Upper
Chevrolet Camaro 1969-1967 Front Upper
Chevrolet Chevelle 1972-1964 Front Upper
Chevrolet Chevy II 1968 Front Upper
Chevrolet El Camino 1972-1964 Front Upper
Chevrolet Malibu 1967-1964 Front Upper
Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1972-1970 Front Upper
Chevrolet Nova 1974-1969 Front Upper
GMC Sprint 1972-1971 Front Upper
Oldsmobile 442 1971-1965 Front Upper
Oldsmobile Cutlass 1972-1964 Front Upper
Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 1972-1967 Front Upper
Oldsmobile F85 1972-1964 Front Upper
Oldsmobile Omega 1974-1973 Front Upper
Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser 1972-1964 Front Upper
Pontiac Acadian 1971-1968 Front Upper
Pontiac Firebird 1969-1967 Front Upper
Pontiac Grand Prix 1972-1969 Front Upper
Pontiac GTO 1972-1964 Front Upper
Pontiac LeMans 1972-1964 Front Upper
Pontiac Tempest 1970-1964 Front Upper
Pontiac Ventura 1974-1971 Front Upper